Pitch Wars 2019 – Boost My Bio

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A Witch Awakening – YA Fantasy


Think ALANNA: THE FIRST ADVENTURE if Alanna had studied magic at a university instead of becoming a knight. Add in more ladies & diversity, swap the love triangle with a slow burn friendship-to-lovers, infuse it with the sweetness of THE TEA DRAGON SOCITEY by Katie O’Neill, and sprinkle with a dash of baking magic.


The Story:

Aviana Greenwood never expected to sneak into her kingdom’s university. She never planned on lying to her family or pretending to be someone else. But that’s the price to master her magic since women are forbidden from learning the art. So, when a professor at the kingdom’s all-boys university offers her the chance to enroll—with the tiny condition that she disguise herself as a boy—she jumps at the opportunity.

But Avi, as she goes by now, must compete with students who’ve spent years learning from tutors while she was busy in her family’s bakery. Every class offers a new way to not understand something, and she begins to wonder if enrolling was a mistake. As she masters her magic, a plan to prove women’s right to train at the University forms. If she comes forward, she could make a difference.

But that’s only if people accept her. And if they don’t, she’ll be expelled from the school and ostracized from society. Avi must decide whether to speak out and risk being forced to cut ties with everyone she loves, or stay quiet and protect her spot at the school.



This project started off with me wondering about the school of magic, university, library, etc. that seems to show up frequently in fantasy settings–the place where wizards or sorcerers go for their training. Many of these seem to be open only to boys or only recently open to everyone, and I wondered how that started.


What I Hope to Gain from PitchWars:

  • I want to meet more people who are writing (published, unpublished, at it for years, just getting started) and build my writing community.
  • I want to make my MS and submission material as good as possible. I’ve worked through many drafts on my own, and worked through multiple drafts with critique partners and beta readers, but I still feel like something’s missing, and I think a pitchwars mentor could help me with that.
  • I hope to find advice about querying, writing, and what books to read next.


Why I’d Make a Good Mentee:

  • I’m ready and willing to put in the work! I really love this book, and I believe in it, but I also recognize that it can be better, and I’d love the opportunity to work with a mentor who can help me level up my writing and this story.
  • I’m good at meeting deadlines and keeping communication lines open. I really appreciate all the time mentors are putting into pitch wars, so I’m going to do my best to make the most of the process.
  • I’m a hard worker, but I try not to take myself too seriously, so while I’m going to put in the time, I’ll have fun too.


Some Things I Love:

  • Studio Ghibli
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Hunter X Hunter
  • Yuri!!! on Ice
  • Haikyu!!
  • Noragami
  • Silver Spoon

Looks like that turned into a list of anime. I also love cooking—particularly Japanese food nowadays. I love going for runs and spending time outdoors. And of course I love writing and reading.


What else I’m working on:

I’m revising a Japanese inspired YA fantasy about yokai. Highlights include spirit summoning sorcerers, shapeshifting kitsune, forbidden shadow magic, and lots and lots of food.

I’m also working on a cozy mystery. If any of you PitchWars hopefuls are cozy mystery writers, let me know!